Michael Linares talks about the scepter 'uas'

During the installation of the exhibition, Michael Linares talks about one of the objects that makes up his artwork Museo del Palo [Museum of the Stick]:

"This is a uas or a bas scepter, it is an Egyptian scepter, used by the ancient Egyptians. This is the first staff in History to change its meaning. It started out as a shepherd’s crook, used to grab livestock, and turned into a Pharaoh's scepter. What interests me the most in this particular object is its syncretism, how a peasant tool symbol turns into a symbol of power or oppression. I think this what’s important about it. Somehow, it is the first staff endowed with symbolic value. Also, people began to identify its shape in trees and cut directly from the branches, because it looks like a bull. There’s a node suggesting the bull's head, and, further down, a bifurcation representing the legs”.