MUDvibes experiences with Pia Lindman

During the week of November 29th until December 2nd, 2016, the 32nd Bienal's artwork Nose, Ears Eyes has hosted MUDvibes, a master course for art and design students from Finland, Russia, Belgium, and Brazil, coordinated by Pia Lindman. The audience was invited to participate in the experiments conducted by the group. Results from this research are now gathered in the form of reports written by the students. Read it below:

Perception and Colour: Public experiment within the frame of MUDvibes course
by Lita Poliakova


Breathing as Sensing Space
by Pauliina Jokela and Roberta Assy


Interspecies communication: Project in the framework of MUDvibes
by Anna Korotkova and Julia Ganotis


Haptic Communication: Sao Paulo Biennale one-to-one studies of touching in darkness 
by Salla Keskinen, Cecilia Rotenberg and Flora Tzanno

All images: Courtesy of Pia Lindman
Captions: [1] Haptic Communication. Salla Keskinen waiting for test subject [2] Perception and Color: Lita Poliakova and test subject [3] Breathing as Sense of Space. Roberta Assy, Pauliina Jokela, and test subject [4] Interspecies Communication. Julia Ganotis and Anna Korotkova [5] Haptic Communication. Salla Keskinen and test subject