Migração, exclusão e resistência [Migration, Exclusion and Resistance], 2016

Carla Filipe
1973, Aveiro, Portugal. Lives in Porto, Portugal

Carla Filipe’s production draws on the appropriation of objects and documents, or is constructed by means of the permeable relationship between art objects, popular culture and activism. In her research the artist uses a range of materials and elements such as flags, posters, newspapers and railroad artifacts, and she also makes interventions in abandoned and decayed places. In Migração, exclusão e resistência [Migration, Exclusion and Resistance] (2016), Filipe’s point of departure is a project that began in 2006, which proposed the construction of vegetable-gardens and parks in urban environments, establishing the collective use of private spaces or the appropriation of public ones destined for other purposes. By articulating different ways of life, the artist questions the idea of property and broadens the notion of survival. This work tells us about species in danger of extinction, little-known edible plants, and plants that grow in unexpected places. In this proposal, the artist creates the conditions to think about spontaneous forces of resistance that act as selfmanaged cells, and which represent reactions to the capitalist rules of urban life, derived from hierarchical and private initiatives.