Frame from Bombom’s Dream, 2016

Cecilia Bengolea & Jeremy Deller
1979, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Lives in Paris, France \ 1966, London, United Kingdom. Lives in London

Choreographer, dancer and performer Cecilia Bengolea collaborates with artist Jeremy Deller in this project that explores contemporary pop culture phenomena, mainly music and dance, to think about their relationships with the economy, work conditions, and political systems. In a complex entanglement of traditional and modern influences and aligned with specific cultural and political contexts, the artists examine movements of identitarian resistance and affirmation of gender, sexuality and behavior. Popular dance associated with musical styles has produced a variety of trends within urban culture in recent decades. In the same manner as Break, Voguing and Twerk, the dance and music style Dancehall spotlights body language, and formulates a peculiar, combative and, at times, sexualized choreography. This genre, extremely popular in Jamaica, is the subject of Bengolea and Deller’s video Bombom’s Dream (2016).