Las universidades desconocidas [The Unknown Universities], 2016

Felipe Mujica
1974, Santiago, Chile. Lives in New York, USA

Felipe Mujica’s projects derive from two main processes: his visual research, which involves creating spatial installations made of mobile and interactive fabrics; and the collaborative organization of exhibitions, publications, and management of cultural spaces. His research on the recent history of Latin American art, with a specific interest in experiences that connect education and modern art, permeates these practices. A fundamental aspect of his work method is opening up his art to dialogue with other artists, visitors, and communities. In the project Las universidades desconocidas [The Unknown Universities] (2016), Mujica works in partnership with Brazilian artists Alex Cassimiro and Valentina Soares, in addition to a group called Bordadeiras do Jardim Conceição [Embroiderers of Jardim Conceição] formed by about forty female residents of this neighborhood in the city of Osasco, São Paulo. Based on drawings by the artist both groups of collaborators created and sewed the curtains that form the installation. Produced using the same materials and different techniques, the curtains are stitched by the personal knowledge formed by different repertoires and experiences, united as complementary sides of the same reality: the collective creative work.