From the series 12 Energy Diagrams, 2015-2016

Kathy Barry
1969, Christchurch, New Zealand. Lives in Auckland, New Zealand

Accessing alternative planes as a condition for creation, Kathy Barry’s drawings anchor energetic frequencies, which could be encountered as flickering gateways to multidimensional subjectivities. The watercolor series, 12 Energy Diagrams (2015- 2016), are recordings of a process that deals with what lies outside of the narrowband of human perception. Essentially diagrammatic, they operate as a form of notated choreography, corresponding with the sequence of movement represented by the artist in the video 12 Minute Movement (2016). The dance-like sequence engages physical motion to funnel and manipulate energy in the process of building and activating a ‘Merkaba energy field’. According to Jewish mystical tradition, the Merkaba creates a spinning, high frequency vortex of energy that allows human consciousness to access higher dimensions, folding pockets in time and space. This rotation, close to the Sufi way of creating energy vortexes by spinning, also releases a power that is meaningful in the process of world-making.