Frame from A Minute Ago, 2014

Rachel Rose
1986, New York, USA. Lives in New York

In her videos and installations Rachel Rose constructs narratives through the editing process and by employing a free and abundant circulation and association of videos and images. The process of overlapping layers, common in painting, is applied here to digital files, creating a hybrid imagery with strong kinesthetic potential. A Minute Ago (2014) is a reflection on the experience of catastrophe that combines a video found on YouTube of a sudden hail storm on a beach with statements made by American architect Philip Johnson in his Glass House, which in turn are contrasted with a reproduction of the painting "The Funeral de Phocion" (1648) by Nicolas Poussin, among other elements. Also present at the 32nd Bienal, Everything and More (2015) explores the sensation of total displacement from the Earth as related by an astronaut. Rose expresses the idea of the infinite through abstractions created out of chemistry experiments conducted with household substances juxtaposed with images from an astronaut training center. The limits between inside/outside, front/back and weight/lightness are tested by the artist to the point that distinctions are no longer recognizable – like the presence of Ibirapuera Park, the view of which merges with the installation.